Sensitive skin: our soothing tips

Tight, stingy, itchy, blotchy skin? Look no further - welcome to sensitive skin! Dry skin, mature skin, oily skin... Sooner or later we all have a sensitive skin moment
If your skin feels sensitive or becomes prone to flare-ups, it means that its protective barrier's malfunctioning and it's losing precious water. Nothing seems to work and it only has to look at a cream to turn red and itch like hell. Whatever you do, don't sob into your serum! There are plenty of ways you can repair, protect and soothe your skin.  Some simple measures that will keep it feeling comfy and soft: avoid harsh tap water, don't expose your skin to sudden temperature changes, avoid smokey rooms and alcohol, give scrubs a miss, religiously apply a sunscreen, beware of certain essential oils, don't eat spicy food and, last but not least, avoid fragrances that contain irritating ingredients such as bergamot, sandalwood and lavender.  Once you've weeded out the culprits, the next step is to calm and soothe your skin. Opt for skincare products that contain soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, oatmeal and olive oil.  As for your beauty routine, apply fragrance-free, protective moisturisers with creamy textures (cold creams are great). Use a light one in the morning and richer one at night to help repair your epidermis. Make up-wise, go for products designed for sensitive skin..