Less than 10 years.

This is the time we have left to take up the biggest challenge we have ever faced: changing the way we produce, act and innovate to drastically reduce our environmental footprint and to empower our consumers to achieve responsible consumption.

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Our Actions
Hong Kong Recycling Program Beauty for the Future

The Beauty of Recycling:
L’Oréal Hong Kong and Watsons Join Hands to
Expand Citywide Recycling Programme

L’Oréal Hong Kong and Watsons, leading health and beauty retailer under A.S. Watson Group are launching the ‘Beauty for the Future’ campaign to accelerate its sustainability endeavours, in partnership with recycling social enterprise V Cycle. The first tripartite collaboration enables local beauty consumers to recycle their empty cosmetics and skincare containers from any brand in all Watsons stores.

From now on, customers can recycle the cleaned containers of any beauty brand, including foundation bottles, mascara wands, skincare tubs, and lipstick tubes at around 170 Watsons stores across the city in exchange for rewards in the city’s largest loyalty platform MoneyBack. Once collected, V Cycle will break down the wastes, separate them by materials, and work with local partners to transform them into new raw materials. The scaled-up campaign goal is to collect 250,000 containers in the 12 months following the official launch, which is equivalent to the height of two Mount Everests1 when stacked up. During the programme’s trial between April to May 2022, L’Oréal Hong Kong and Watsons have collected over 6,300 beauty containers and successfully diverted them from landfills. This programme addresses beauty packaging downstream circularity, where packaging becomes a resource through recycling and composability.

Watsons customers can hand over their clean beauty containers to any Watsons store in Hong Kong in exchange for rewards on the Money Back APP and have the peace of mind in knowing that they are doing their part in creating a more circular future – one container at a time. For more information about the ‘Beauty for the Future’ campaign, please visit :

1 Taking a median value of 7cm per container, the aggregate height is 17,500 meters when stacked up.
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L’ORÉAL PARiS Recycling Program

“Recycle And Be Rewarded” Program

L'Oréal Paris has also launched “Recycle And Be Rewarded” program! Join us to contribute and drive environmental sustainability for our beautiful planet.


Only apply to specific recyclable L'Oréal Paris products and the rewards will be available for L'Oréal Paris current VIP members only.


📍 Shop A340A, 3/F, Phase 3, New Town Plaza, Shatin, New Territories

📍 Shop 1029-1030, Floor 01, Tuen Mun Town Plaza, 1 Tuen Shing Street, Tuen Mun, N.T.

📍 Shop 268-269, Landmark North, No. 39 Lung Sum Avenue, Shek Wu Hui, New Territories

📍 B1/F, SOGO TST, 20 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

📍 BC-G23, Bank Centre Mall, 636 Nathan Road, Mongkok

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From Waste to Resources : Our Partner V-Cycle

About V Cycle

V Cycle is a social enterprise tackling Hong Kong's environmental issues on both an ecological and human level. By coupling the two, V Cycle hopes to empower the underprivileged and protect the natural world.

All packages collected through the ‘Beauty for the Future’ programme are sent to V Cycle – a local leader in recycling – to be sorted, processed, and eventually restructured for use as raw materials for use in the building industry to promote the sustainable use of resources. After an inaugural year, L’Oréal Hong Kong has saved a total of 2,815 kgs in waste, which is equivalent to 65,148 units of empty beauty containers from ending up in landfills with a promising 86.5% recycling rate. Of the collected plastic and glass materials, close to 75% have gone on to be made into EcoBricks and have already been paved at some commercial locations in Hong Kong.


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