Zinc, the clear skin mineral

Zinc is a trace element and oily skin-zapper that regulates sebum production. Here's why you should think zinc, when it comes to sorting out your skin...


What is zinc?

Zinc's an essential trace element that helps growth alongside our immune, endocrine and nervous systems. It keeps us happy and focused, improves vision and helps our sense of taste and smell. It plays a vital role in blood-clotting, thyroid function and insulin metabolism. That said, our bodies only stock around 2 to 3 grams, 65% of which is stored in our muscles and 20% in our bones. Nowadays, a lot of us are slightly deficient. Women, teenagers, kids and older people often lack zinc in their diet.

What are the benefits of zinc for my skin?

Skin-friendly zinc boosts cell renewal and regulates sebum production. How? Zinc helps our skin to oxygenate itself by reducing excess sebum, allowing our pores to get rid of any grime accumulated during the day. Which makes it perfect for oily skin! This trace element is also a powerful antioxidant that can heal wounds and calm inflammation. This is why it's often included in acne treatments.


Where can I find zinc?

We generally get around 15 to 40% of our zinc from our diet. Oysters are packed with it, but most meats (including calf's liver and pork) and nuts contain significant amounts. Cereals and pulses are also worthy zinc contenders. Women need around 12mg per day to avoid becoming zinc-deficient. Pregnant women can up their dose to 14mg a day. If you're looking for skincare products, you'll easily find zinc-based treatments to purify and balance out oily skin.