What Essential Oils Can Do for You

Creams, personal hygiene products, shampoos... Essential oils are everywhere and it's with good reason. With a high concentration of active ingredients, they're able to treat a multitude of minor imperfections. Zoom in on how to use EOs and discover what they can do for you.

Essential oil for skin: the go-to product for keeping your body in beautiful condition.

So what exactly is an essential oil? Aromatic plants containing volatile aroma compounds in their flowers, bark or leaves secrete a substance that can be purified into an essential oil using a process of steam distillation. The reason they're used in so many modern cosmetic products is simply because they are the most powerful form of aromatic plant extract, it's as simple as that. The molecules contained within essential oils are extremely small. This means they're able to pass through the dermal barrier more easily and go deeper into the skin's tissue in order to work more effectively.

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The benefits of essential oil to make you beautiful.

Fighting back against cellulite. Cellulite caused by poor lymph and blood circulation causes water and fat retention in the tissues. To treat this, we recommend using bay laurel and cypress oil for their excellent draining properties. Getting that firmer figure. Use lemongrass oil for its positive impact on cutaneous microcirculation and say goodbye to saggy hips, thighs and buttocks. Tackling dry skin: If you suffer from tight, uncomfortable skin on your arms, legs and back during the winter months, use geranium oil to target the effects of dehydration and palmarosa oil to renourish your skin. Achieving soft, smooth skin. Wish you had skin like a baby's bottom? Add a few drops of carrot oil to a nice warm bath and soak up its soothing properties for silky, smooth skin top to toe. Fighting against stretch marks. To alleviate skin lesions associated with stretching, especially visible around the hips, thighs and bum, add a few drops of rose oil to your next bath for a regenerative and nourishing effect. Tackling sunburn. To relieve pain and inflammation caused by prolonged sun exposure, mix 2-3 drops of real lavender oil to your after-sun lotion for its soothing, healing properties. Suffering from rough, dry hands? It's not uncommon for hands to become very dry, especially in Winter, and because the skin is so thin in this area, they are particularly susceptible to chapping. To keep your hands hydrated and protected, use ylang-ylang oil, an excellent source of nourishment.                                                                                    
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