Tried and tested natural anti-ageing therapies

We all know that cosmetics can help us keep our fresh-faced glow. But there are also some effective 'hands on' natural anti-aging therapies, designed to stimulate our metabolism and circulation, as well as boost cellular activity.

Anti-aging brushes

Whether you opt for a manual or mechanical brush, make sure the bristles are soft, so that you don't harm your epidermis. You'll need to wet the brush, before lathering on a skin-friendly pH neutral soap. Apply it using gentle movements 
- they can be circular or in line with your facial muscles. The benefit? These brushes work on a deep level to remove all traces of make up and grime. And as we all know, cleansing morning and night is the anti-aging golden rule when it comes to flawless skin. The bristles also remove dead skin cells that cling to the epidermis, boosting cell renewal in the process. And that's not all 
- they stimulate our fibroblasts, the cells that produce firming, toning collagen.
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Facial massages

Facial massages smooth out lines and firm up our faces. Place your palms on either side of your face and smooth outwards. Hold them in place. Follow by pressing your fingertips against your face and, working up from the bottom, apply lifting movements to firm up your skin tissue. Regular facial massages leave our faces looking relaxed and toned. Repeat the above a dozen times and finish of by massaging along the top of your eyebrows with your index fingers. This boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage.
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Facial digitopuncture

This is basically needle-free acupuncture. It involves applying pressure to facial muscles with your fingertips, rather than inserting a needle. Apply pressure with your index finger and gently rotate. The pressure applied tones up muscles and rotating helps them to relax. This technique is great for preventing wrinkles formed by expression lines 
- frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow's feet and laughter lines. An effective 5-minute facial workout that'll prevent wrinkles on these key parts of the face! 
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Yoga relaxes our bodies, improves flexibility and allows us to correctly breathe. All of which help us to keep a youthful allure. We're instantly relaxed and refreshed 
- no more looking grumpy or tired! Yoga (particularly the 'head down' positions) boosts blood flow, thereby oxygenating our bodies and skin tissue. There are a variety of yoga techniques to choose from, no matter what level you are 
- hatha, astanga, bikram... And it's a well known fact that all forms of meditation, including yoga, stimulate our immune system and increase longevity.r
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