Speedy beauty routine for perfect skin

Your life's in work-eat-sleep-repeat mode and your skin's feeling neglected. So here's super-quick beauty routine to help you get back your glow!

Quick morning routine

Mornings eh? Wake the kids, make breakfast, glug a coffee, do the school run and leg it to work. Not a minute to spare. The days when you hogged the bathroom are a distant memory. In other words, you need a quick, easy beauty routine. Start by cleansing with micellar water. It'll get rid of any toxins that have built up overnight (grime, sweat) and freshen up your face. Added plus? No need to spend time rinsing it off! Follow with a BB cream, an all-in-one wonder that will moisturise, even out your skin tone, camouflage blemishes and protect you from UV rays. Go for a CC cream if you want to mask any red patches. Your skin will look smooth, naturally radiant and be able to handle the elements - how flawless great is that? Finish off by applying a lip balm to nourish, protect and add a kissable shine. And pour your morning cuppa!
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Speedy nighttime routine

  And you're off again... Leave work, pick up the kids, deal with the inevitable homework strops, get them into their pj's, eat and collapse. And once again wish you could lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour. But no matter, here are 3 easy-peasy steps to shake off your busy day. Cleanse with a face oil, the quickest way to remove the most clingy of make up. Oil removes oil - this one's a time-saving no brainer! Face oils cleanse and soothe skin. And it doesn't matter if your skin's on the oily side - these babies suit all skin types. Follow with a purifying toner to get rid of any traces of make up, grime and dead cells. Added plus? They hydrate and revitalise our skin! Just make sure you choose one that suits your needs. Finish of by applying a night cream to repair any damage. Night creams nourish our skin and boost cell renewal whilst we sleep. If you're in your thirties go for an anti-ageing night cream and invest in an eye contour treatment. If you have dry skin, apply nourishing textures that will pump it full of nutritious goodies with causing irritations. If you have oily or blemished skin, apply fluid textures or gels that will let it breathe.

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