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Makeup products By L'Oréal Paris Singapore

L'Oréal Makeup Designer

Don't just wear makeup Design your beauty. L’Oreal Makeup Designer offers the complete range of makeup. Whether you need your everyday makeup or you’re getting ready for a girls’ night out, explore our range to find your match. A world of possibilities and beauty is there for the taking. Let yourself go. Dream, anticipate, dare. Because it’s yours. Because you’re worth it.

Colour Riche

Colour Riche Matte
Lipstick and Liners

Take it to the matte with our richest matte colour and comfortable wear. 12 new gorgeous lipstick shades and 8 new matte lipliners that offer a richness beyond compare with our most luxuriously rich matte color and intense hydration. From bold to nearly nude, there is a shade that’s perfect for every look and any occasion.

Infallible Paints


High colours impact, longwear for makeup designer looks. Discover our first ultra-pigmented colour makeup line featuring 13 liquid lipsticks, 6 eyeliners, 12 eyeshadows and a blush palette.



Lash Paradise

Discover our 1st mascara for voluptuous volume and lush length. The soft wavy bristle brush holds maximum formula for dramatic volumizing charge and the smooth glide formula provides silky volume for feathery soft lashes.



Discover the newest addition to L’Oréal’s line of longwear makeup, inspired by the pros. Its pro with an all-day glow: up to 24 hour wear with a hydrating finish. Never dull, never greasy.


Makeup Products


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