Help, my skin's more leathery than my shoes!

Spring has almost sprung and it's time to deal with leathery skin caused by winter's foul weather and hibernating in hot heated rooms. Here are our beauty routine tips for getting your skin spring-ready!



The first step is to scrub once or twice a week to get rid of dead cells that cling to our skin's surface. Use a fine grain scrub on your face so that you don't harm your already fragile skin. Body-wise, apply a coarser scrub. If you have a hardy epidermis you can apply it to dry skin before showering it off. However, if your skin's sensitive, apply it to wet skin whilst you shower. Scrub from tip to toe. Go easy on sensitive parts (cleavage, stomach) and scrub harder on tougher patches - knees, elbows etc.


Protect and strengthen your skin

They may be a pleasure, but really hot baths and showers aren't good for our skin, particularly during cold weather. In order to protect your skin's hydrolipidic film, stick to warm showers or baths - leg skin, for example, is particularly thin and can quickly dry out. Avoid soaps and shower gels, which can be harsh: invest in a nourishing shower oil. Once you step out of the shower/bath, pat your skin dry. Don't rub hard, as this will further damage your skin's natural barrier. Cleanse your face with micellar water - your skin will love its gentle touch!

Nourish your skin back to health

Apply a rich moisturiser to pump your skin full of nourishing goodness. If your skin's really parched, go for one that contains essential oils. At night, replace your usual moisturiser with a cold cream to help reconstruct the hydrolipidic film or apply an overnight face mask to deeply hydrate your skin whilst you sleep. Smooth, moisturised, baby-soft skin guaranteed! Finally, treat your body to a deeply moisturising, nourishing body milk, balm or dry oil.