Comforting beauty rituals to combat winter

Plummeting temperatures, daily stress, lack of lightÉ Winter is a tough time that shows both our mood and our skin no mercy. We're giving you some tips for a nice smooth transition into winter and beauty rituals to help you avoid falling into the Ôcrocodile skin' trapÉ

Moisturise daily

Rough skin, chapped lips, red hands… Every winter our skin goes through the same turmoil. The culprits? The wind and the cold that have the combined effect of restricting and disrupting our blood circulation. In response, a natural mechanism in our bodies jolts into action and starts reducing the natural production of sebum, causing dehydration and all that comes with it: redness, dryness, a feeling of tightness in your skin and the appearance of crocodile skin. Needless to say, no-one wants to get to that point. Avoiding all this is actually quite straightforward and it is ESSENTIAL that you use a moisturiser every day. This is just as important for your face as your body (not forgetting your hands and lips). The best way to go about it is this: every day when you get out of the shower and your skin is completely dry, apply a moisturiser formulated to protect your skin's lipid barrier and help shield it against external aggressors. So, no more excuses, you've been briefed!  

Exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator

It's inevitable that, even if you moisturise correctly, there will come a time when you need to exfoliate your skin, especially given winter's reputation for drying it out. Whether for your face or your body, this exfoliation, which should always be done gently and at least once or twice a month, will help purge your epidermis of dead skin. The process also helps the absorption of all the active ingredients in your skin care, as they are applied onto fresh skin, and makes your skin glow again by improving blood circulation. 

Treat yourself to an evening cocooned in luxurious skin care

Our last beauty tip to help pamper your skin during winter is to apply cocooning skin care when you go to bed. Balms, butters, cream masks, take advantage of those winter evenings with your feet up in front of a rom-com to apply these rich and ultra-nourishing skin care products on your legs and feet as well as your hands or face. Applying them in the evening and leaving them to work their magic overnight will do wonders for your skin. Just wait and see, the next day your skin will be baby-soft!