5 superfoods to recharge your post winter batteries

Winter's pants! The weather's lousy and our bodies hit rock bottom. But now that spring's on its way, it's time to treat ourselves to some energy boosting superfoods!

What are superfoods?

Superfoods - fruit and veg in particular - are packed with nutritious goodies that do our bodies the world of good. Most of their vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fibre and antioxidants combat free radicals responsible for ageing (leaving us with great skin!) and give our immune systems a much-needed boost. In other words, they energise our bodies and souls. 

Spinach, a super-veg

As any Popeye fan will tell you, spinach is packed with iron, an essential mineral that boosts cognitive function - in short, it makes us brainy! It's also rich in provitamin A, vitamin B9, vitamin K, vitamin C and antioxidants, which, alongside iron, support our immune system and regulate our body temperature.  Another super-veg? Broccoli, a low-calorie vegetable that also contains vitamins and fibre.  

Bananas, a super-fruit

 Feeling sluggish? Grab a banana. Banana's are bursting with magnesium, a muscle relaxant that kick-starts our bodies. What better way to shake off an energy-zapping winter? Bananas also calm us down thanks to their vitamin B content. Finally bananas are great for hydrating dry skin that's been parched by cold, winter weather.  Other super-fruits? Kiwis for their cough and cold-busting vitamin C and Goji berries for their uplifting antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. 

Ginger, a super-spice

Germs hate ginger! Ginger is the tastiest of medicines. It warms up the body, thereby stimulating the immune system. It treats allergies and nausea - eat ginger if you suffer from morning or travel sickness! And that's not all... Ginger soothes our digestive tract by stimulating bile production and reduces the risk of heart problems.  Another super-spice? Cinnamon, perfect for treating winter coughs and colds. 

Cocoa, a super-plant

Pure cocoa contains antioxidants, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus. Eat it as you like - chocolate chips, cocoa powder or by the bar (yum!) to relieve stress and anxiety. Cocoa also contains psycho-active ingredients, meaning it's a natural anti-depressant.  Other super-plants? Bach Flower remedies to calm us down and maca powder for vitamins, potassium, magnesium and calcium to deal with stress and fatigue.  

Spirulina, a super-algae

Spirulina is an algae rich in beta-carotene, iron and amino acids. When dried it contains 35% protein - more than meat or fish, but without any cholesterol! Spirulina comes in powder or pill form and will have you bouncing around all day.  Another super-algae? Klamath Lake algae, which contains PEA, an amphetamine-like amino acid. A favourite with sporty-types, this one will certainly put the spring back in your step.