Youth Code YOUTH CODE Fresh Mix Ferment Pre-Essence Mask

Focus on intense care for younger looking skin. Discover YOUTH CODE Fresh Mix Ferment Pre-Essence Mask: Infused with innovative Double Ferment Extracts, the formula helps repairs epidermal barrier and rejuvenates the skin.

  • 33Gx5PCS
Product Detail
Innovative Double Ferment Extracts 1:
New S.F.E Youth Ferment Essence2 combines with BIFIDA FERMENT LYSATE3to help revitalizes the skin by flighting against the signs of aging.
Papain: Helps with skin regeneration

1. Bifida ferment Lysate, Sphingomonas Ferment Extract
2. Sphingomonas Ferment Extract
3. Bifida ferment Lysate
1. Fold the bag along the dotted lines.
2.Squeeze the bag where the essence contained until the seal in the middle of the bag breaks. Then unfold the bag.
3. Push all the essence into the mask, and make sure the mask is thoroughly soaked with essence.
4. Remove the mask from the bag and gently apply it on the face. Enjoy 15 minutes of intensive care. Use for 15 minutes each time. 3 times a week.