White tea the latest anti ageing superhero

As professional cuppa-guzzlers, we know that there are loads of different types of tea. But what about white tea and its beauty-boosting benefits? Here's a closer look at this leafy elixir of youth!
White tea comes from Fujian Province in China. It's named after its distinctive silvery-white leaves. It's a speciality tea that has a subtle taste. It's not highly processed - the drying time is shorter than other teas, meaning its leaves better retain their nutritional properties.


The benefits of white tea

 White tea is considered 'pure', meaning it's great for our health. It contains three times more polyphenols than green tea. These are powerful antioxidants that boost our immune system and neutralise free radicals. White tea also reduces cholesterol levels, boosts cardiac health, strengthens our immune system and can even help us to lose weight! White tea's packed with vitamins C and E, alongside antioxidants that help us fight certain illnesses. In other words, it's a natural born germ and virus killer! In Chinese medicine, it's frequently prescribed for fevers, toothache and measles.


White tea's anti ageing properties

White tea is proving to be a natural, anti ageing miracle worker. It has the ability to protect skin from the effects of ageing. By neutralising free radicals, white tea helps keep our skin glowing and healthy. Stress, sun exposure etc. can cause our skin to prematurely age. White tea helps combat age-related sagging skin by preventing harmful external factors from damaging the collagen and hyaluronic acid that's naturally produced by our bodies. White tea's polyphenol content keeps our skin looking young and helps it to heal. White tea extract reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles by strengthening our elastin and collagen fibres. So next time you fancy a cuppa, try a mug of white tea!