What to pack for glowing holiday skin

Summer is the perfect time to make changes to your beauty routine. Here's a rundown of the essential skincare products for a flawless holiday glow.

Micellar water: the gentlest and lightest of cleansers, micellar water is ideal for removing summer make-up. It cleanses, soothes the skin and gets rid of impurities like make-up, pollution, sebum and sunscreen. 

Moisturising serum: thanks to its light texture, a serum will melt on your skin. It's ideal for summer when you don't want a heavy layer of rich moisturising cream. Serum also has a higher concentration of active ingredients; your skin will drink it up. 

Eye contour cream: because wearing sunglasses is not enough. Sun damage or dehydration will leave your eye area in need of some TLC. Choose a treatment that meets your needs (moisturising, anti-wrinkle, anti-fatigue) along with a suitable applicator (silicone, metal, ball-point). 

Moisturiser: a light texture is great for summer and always choose a moisturiser that offers what your skin needs: nourishing, purifying, mattifying, antioxidants and maybe an SPF. 

Sunscreen: we can't stress it enough, sunscreen is essential the moment the sun pops out. There's a huge choice of products: oils, creams, sprays or mists, with an SPF range of 15 to 50. Sunscreen also fights the oxidation of skin tissue, combating premature ageing. 

After-sun: take an evening shower, then slather on some after-sun to soften and soothe your skin; and accelerate cell renewal. 

A hint of make-up: we all want a glowing complexion, especially in summer, so cheat with a little concealer and blusher. Applied under the eyes, to the nose and on the chin, it will brighten your look. 

Body oil: if you're showing off your legs as well as your new summer wardrobe, slather on a body oil. It'll feed your skin and enhance your tan.