We reveal the benefits of royal jelly for the skin

Royal jelly has long been known for its nutritional and energetic effects and many other benefits. It really stimulates and strengthens the immune system, making it the ideal solution to stay healthy through the winter. We take a look at royal jelly, a key part of your skin care routine


Royal jelly: "bee milk"

Royal jelly is whitish substance with a jelly texture and made by young bees for the queen bee to eat throughout her life. It is also known as "bee milk", and contains between 50% and 65% water, along with many other substances. Royal jelly was discovered in the middle of the 20th century and is often compared to honey, but has a different taste and colour: it is a pale yellow colour and tastes sour, not sweet. But its biggest difference from honey is its range of properties: it is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins, making it your best ally when tiredness kicks in in the winter. 

The benefits of royal jelly in the winter

Royal jelly is a source of energy and helps to combat tiredness related to a change in season. By strengthening immune defences, it acts as a real stimulant for the body; it contains B vitamins, mineral salts, oligoelements and amino acids, which help to build both mental and physical strength back up. It is a real natural pick-me-up that helps to fight fatigue, exhaustion and even depression. But its powers do not stop there: it is proven to be very effective for memory loss, makes up for deficiencies in the body, improves resistance to stress and increases appetite.

A beauty ally

Cell renewal is one of the main benefits of royal jelly for the skin. It slows down premature skin aging and reduces dark spots linked to age. Its nutritional and revitalising properties make it a regular in your skin care routine: royal jelly helps to fight fine lines and combats dry skin. It can even help against eczema and acne! So make the most of the long list of benefits of royal jelly for the skin. Its B vitamins also make it great for strengthening and vitalising damaged hair and nails.