Volumizing, serum our mid-life BFF

As we age, our skin needs a little help on the volume front. So, what's the deal with volumizing serums?


Loss of volume starts with hollow cheeks.

We've got used to dealing with wrinkles, but suddenly we're noticing a lack of youthful plumpness. In other words, our features are heading south. Loss of volume is something we all notice once we've passed the Big 40. It's due to changes in bone mass and muscle tone, combined with fat deposits that slip down towards our jaw bone. Add the effects of gravity and 'nuff said!  So is this irreversible? No! Cosmetic labs have been quick to come up with anti ageing formulae designed to plump up our features. Research and Development scientists have identified the key active ingredients needed to restore volume. And not just on a superficial level.

Volumizing serums: prepare your skin with a shot of AHA

No need to hit the nearest cocktail bar. Your bathroom will do nicely! AHAs or fruit acids boost cell renewal thanks to their gentle exfoliating properties. This cutaneous 'turnover' improves the quality of the epidermis, meaning it better absorbs the active ingredients in a volumizing serum.  You don't need to use grainy scrubs - a peeling lotion applied each night after cleansing will do the job.

Volumizing serum: a skin-boosting treatment

No volumizing serum is complete without hyaluronic acid, THE plumping active ingredient. Serums use low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, as it's capable of penetrating all layers of the epidermis to plump up skin and boost natural production levels. The other advantage of using smaller hyaluronic acid molecules is that they stimulate collagen production in the dermis.  Over time you'll find that your facial contours become better defined and your expression lines will be smoothed away. Leaving you with youthfully, plump features!