Valentine's Day: preserve your glowing skin after the excesses of the weekend

On Sunday, Valentine's Day, we all obviously want to be at our best for that special person. But after the excesses of the weekend - the end of a busy week, with boozy evenings, short nights and fatty meals - it is not easy to look rested with gorgeous, glowing skin. Unless you follow our tips!
While you feel like you have relaxed this weekend, your skin says otherwise, with a grey complexion and dull skin. This is down to your lifestyle. Your body is tired and your skin is feeling the effects. Getting your radiance back requires a more healthy way of life, quality sleep and some other little skin care tips:

Exfoliate for new-looking skin

On Saturday evening, the night before Valentine's Day, so that your skin isn't red on the big day, use a scrub with very fine grains to eliminate the dead skin and impurities accumulated over the week. By removing deposits from the pores, you will reveal more radiant skin, boost skin microcirculation and prepare you skin to receive the active ingredients in your skin care products. The result: glowing skin.  

Choose the right serum for a nutrient boost

After exfoliating, on clean, dry skin, apply a serum rich in energising, perfecting, nourishing, anti aging or anti wrinkle active ingredients. Choose the one that is best for your skin type and needs! Serums, which are twice as concentrated in active ingredients as a face cream, provide an immediate radiance boost to your skin. 

Wake up your eye area

When your eyes give away your lack of sleep and rid your face of its radiance, don't hesitate: it's time to treat the eye contour. Apply an eye contour product from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye to smooth out the fine, fragile skin in this area, massage eye bags in order to reduce them and relax your features. 

Apply moisturiser to enhance the skin

The skin needs to be hydrated to keep its suppleness and stay comfortable. So, apply a moisturising product and for yet more effectiveness, choose a product that has perfecting properties. This is how you can reduce micro-imperfections with a blur effect. The result: pores are smaller, lines are smoothed out and the skin is illuminated and clearer!

Opt for "Radiance" makeup

There is no need to get the big guns out to ensure rested, glowing skin on Valentine's night. Start by applying an illuminating primer that smooths out the skin and fixes your makeup for a radiant look. Then, mix your usual foundation with some highlighter for a very natural finish. Add a touch of light to the inner corner of your eyes with a light eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger, then choose a slightly iridescent blusher to apply at the top of your cheekbones for a glowing complexion. And that's it: all you need to do for glowing skin!