Time to get my beauty routine diary in order

The best way to get perfect skin is to follow a regular beauty routine. Taking care of our skin as and when we feel like it won't help us keep a youthful glow!



Cleansing > Cleanse every day before going to bed, even if you've crawled in at the crack of dawn. It's the non-negotiable Golden Rule if you want great skin. Cleansing removes make up as well as impurities accumulated throughout the day 
- grime, pollution, smoke, sweat... We repeat, "non-negotiable"! Morning-wise, you can quickly cleanse using micellar water followed by a spritz of thermal water.  Moisturising > Hydrating our skin keeps it supple and comfortable, whilst helping to regenerate its hydrolipidic film 
- the protective barrier that protects us from the elements. It's also the best way to stop wrinkles from cropping up! Creams, serums, lotions, balms, oils 
- the choice is endless, but not the only way we can help our skin. We also need to hydrate from the inside by drinking at least 1.5l of water and fruit/herbal teas a day.


Apply a face mask > Nourishing, purifying, moisturising, detoxifying, brightening, toning, anti-ageing... Face masks work best if they're regularly applied. They wake up ruddy, tired skin, get rid of bags under the eyes, reduce dark circles, hydrate parched skin and brighten dull complexions in a flash. Face masks work by bathing our faces in a thick layer of active ingredients that our skin can then soak up.

Twice a month

Scrub your face > Face scrubs brighten the complexion, even out skin tone and unclog pores. They get rid of dead cells, allowing our skin to breathe. They leave dull, sallow skin bright and glowing. Added plus? Scrubbing boosts our circulation, which helps cell regeneration and the absorption of active ingredients contained in skincare treatments that we apply.


Clean your make up kit > Eye shadow brushes, foundation sponges and face powder brushes all harbour bacteria. Which can lead to blocked pores, shine, red patches and acne. Ideally we should clean our kit after every use. But it's a time-consuming chore, so once a month is fine: soak your brushes, sponges etc. in a bowl of warm water that contains a gentle soap or shampoo, but make sure you don't soak the handles. Gently blot them dry - horizontally so that you don't damage the bristles. 

Every 3 months

Check use by dates > Every three months check your skincare products' use by dates. These dates refer to how long we have to use our products after they've been opened. Cosmetics are like food - they don't stay fresh for ever! All cosmetics and skincare products carry a use by date. Strictly speaking you don't need to bin them once they reach the date, but bear in mind that they may not work as well.

Twice a year

Change your beauty routine > We shouldn't use the same products in summer that we use during winter! So adopt a seasonal beauty routine every 6 months. During summer, apply light day creams that contain an SPF and don't over-nourish your skin at night, so that it can naturally hydrate itself - pop your serums and night creams back in their drawer! Winter is harsh on our skin. Cold, humid weather and temperature changes mean our skin needs protecting and soothing. Opt for creams, balms and serums packed with moisturising ingredients that will prevent your skin from drying out and boost its hydrolipidic film.


Examine your moles > Keeping an eye on moles is a must. It may seem trivial, but it's the best way to detect early signs of skin cancer. So don't put this one off, as 90% of skin cancers can be successfully treated if they're spotted in time. Face, scalp, hands, arms, torso, back, legs, feet... carefully look at them all and see a specialist once a year before sunbathing so that any potentially dodgy moles can be detected.