The Oscars: skin care tips for night owls

Post-party morning alarms are hardÉ You wake up with pasty complexion, drawn features, dark circles and bags. Lack of sleep can be seen on your face, as well as last night's excesses. So get prepared: don't go to bed without having followed these 5 skin care tips for beautiful skin the morning after!


NEVER skip taking off your makeup

Even when you're shattered, at 5 in the morning, never ever forget to take your makeup off. This step in your beauty routine enables you to remove impurities accumulated throughout the evening and to let your skin breathe. The quickest way? Micellar water on some cotton wool and a spritz of thermal water. For excessive makeup, apply a lotion afterwards that exfoliates and closes up pores to avoid any surprises in the morning and ensure beautiful skin.

Take a warm bath

Even though you might prefer a quick shower before getting straight into bed, a hot bath will relax your muscles and make it easier to fall asleep. What's more, the steam will dilate your pores, which will make your skin care more effective: every little pore will receive its benefits. 

Apply a moisturising cream

Apply a light yet hydrating cream to compensate for excess alcohol, air conditioning and lack of sleep, which dry out the skin and make your features look gaunt. Another of our skin care tips is to use a hydrating mask before going to bed and to keep it on all night for deep nourishment. It will repair your skin quickly as its active ingredients have the same effects as 10 hours of sleep on your skin. This way, you can avoid a grey complexion and tired looking features when you wake up.

Beware of bags and dark circles

Finish off your beauty routine with an eye contour product that contains active ingredients that drain bags and reduce dark circles in this fine, fragile area. Tap the area to ensure the product penetrates the skin for the illusion of plumped up skin, with all signs of fatigue erased. Our top tip? Keep your eye contour product in the fridge: the cooler the formula, the more effective it will be in unblocking and draining the area.

Detox your body

The last of our skin care tips for beautiful skin after a heavy night is to drink a large glass of water or even a herbal tea to hydrate your body and facilitate the elimination of toxins; and other excesses; from the evening. This is a beauty tip that detoxifies your body, hydrates your system and, as a result, limits the risks of a headache when you wake up!