The extraordinary cleansing power of green clay

It's been used for donkey's years and now green clay's back under the cosmetic spotlight. Not least because of its amazing detoxifying properties. Here's the lowdown.


Green clay, what's the deal?

This highly valued clay is known to treat a number of ailments. It's been slowly creeping back into the limelight. Here's why a humble mud, which is dried to make a powder, has once again taken the beauty world by storm. Green clay can be dissolved in water and drunk (you'll find it in specialist shops) or applied externally in cosmetics - purifying face masks being the most popular choice.


A turbo-charged skin-friendly detox

Green clay is used to deeply purify skin. When applied as a mask, it draws out impurities (just like a magnet), without drying our skin. Indeed, quite the opposite. Whilst it sucks up grime, sebum and make up, it also pumps our skin full of beneficial minerals. It's packed with silica, aluminium, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and potassium. It softens, hydrates and revitalises skin whilst giving it a thorough cleanse. It combats ageing and re-oxygenates our skin.

How green clay helps our faces

Apply a green clay mask (paying attention to the troublesome T-zone, but avoiding the eyes) leave it to work for several minutes and then rinse off and dry your face. Your skin will be freed of impurities. You'll have clean, smooth and glowing skin. And once your skin can breathe, it'll be adequately oxygenated. If you suffer from pimples/black heads or live/work in a highly polluted area, then applying a green clay face mask several times a week will do your skin a purifying world of good.