SOS salty skin: how to save your skin from sea salt

A trip to the beach is great for mind and body, so grab a bikini and get a lungful of that fresh air. Just be sure to protect your skin from salty sea water.

The leathery look is so last season

Your skin is pretty needy when it comes to hydration and it has its own natural defence system: a moisture barrier that sits on the surface, keeping it supple. But sea salt absorbs this store of water and disrupts its protective function. And without this defensive mechanism, skin becomes dry and taut, cracking, losing suppleness and leading to the dreaded leather-handbag look. 

Protect your skin at the beach

You defend your skin from UV rays and it needs protection from sea salt, too. Opt for a sunscreen that's rich in moisturising and nourishing ingredients. A suntan oil is best, as it will not only moisturise your skin but also increase the lipid levels. Salt will then literally slide off, leaving the protective barrier intact. Once you're out of the sea, hop in the shower and wash off the salty residue. If there are no showers on the beach, mist or splash your face with some fresh or mineral water to remove surface salt and soothe your skin. 

Treat and repair your skin

Take an evening shower and use a pH-neutral soap to rebalance your moisture levels. If your pores feel clogged by salt, sunscreen and sweat, try a gentle body scrub to leave you feeling fresh and glowing. Use a gentle cleanser like micellar water to purify and hydrate your face. After showering, apply a moisturiser to plump up the skin and combat sea salt's negative effects. Before hitting the sack, apply a nourishing night-time face mask to regenerate the skin and prepare it for the next day's salty onslaught.