Skin-softening tricks to see you through the winter

Our skin suffers during the winter months thanks to a combination of cold weather, wind and central heating. As a result, the epidermis feels tight, dry and can redden. Here are some tips to ward off any damage :
Our skin suffers for a number of reasons when cold spells arrive. There is less moisture in the air and what natural oils you do have on the skin can be buffeted by the wind. Central heating also depletes the skin's moisture levels, while extra layers of clothing can cause irritation. However, adapting your routine and giving your face and body a little extra TLC can help enormously. Follow our tips to winter-proof your skin : 


In a nutshell, in winter, your skin is not at the top of your body's priority list. It is more prone to being damaged by pollution and external factors because the body will inherently source and spend its energy levels differently in order to keep warm. To detoxify the skin and help reduce the damaging factors caused by pollution, try a facial steam. Hold your face over a bowl of hot water for ten minutes with a towel wrapped around your head to help flush out toxins that have accumulated in your pores. Add a drop or two of a purifying essential oil, such as tea tree or rosemary, to help purify the skin. An added bonus: this will also help you to breathe more easily, perfect for easing the symptoms of a stuffy cold. 


We need to regularly exfoliate our faces and bodies, particularly during winter. Use a gentle scrub a few times a week to slough away any built-up skin cells. If this irritates the skin, try using just once a week instead. Regular exfoliation helps any subsequent treatments, such as serums and moisturisers, to absorb properly. 


A moisturising and hydrating face mask will help to replace lost oils and water from the skin, while a nourishing balm will work wonders on your legs, feet and hands. Apply your moisturising mask in the evening and leave it on overnight to intensify the healing action. Upon waking up, smooth skin will be yours !


Wind and cold affect blood circulation, which in turn reduces natural sebum production, resulting in dry skin. Start rehydrating from the inside by drinking 1.5 litres of water a day. You should also increase your intake of essential fatty acids by including oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados in your diet. Finally, a hydrating face cream will nourish your skin and help to bolster its barrier function. Don't forget to apply a bit to hands and lips, too !