Pollution is coming after your skin and you can tell

When up against pollution, your skin takes the hit and your face suffers. To urgently get rid of this dull skin appearance, giving the epidermis layer of your skin a boost with a good beauty routine


Your skin reflects your lifestyle: the consequences of pollution

Actually, we should be talking about the different types of pollution which can spoil the radiance of your complexion and jeopardise your skin's youthful glow. - There's pollution from outside: atmospheric pollutants, UV rays and tobacco. - And then there's pollution found inside. We often forget it, but we spend 80% of our time in confined spaces where the air is 10 to 20 times more polluted than outside.  

Skin and pollution: what can you see?

These permanent aggressors and pollutants directly attack the skin's hydrolipidic film, intercellular cement and cellular membrane. Your skin employs different defence systems when faced with these external and internal aggressors that oxidise it. And when these systems are overwhelmed, it sometimes struggles to repair itself.  Pollution increases the inflammation and irritation that can affect your skin. This is when small changes in your skin can start to appear and become noticeable. Your face looks lifeless, like it's been suffocated. Its uneven complexion draws attention to any redness, dilated pores and small imperfections. In short, your skin starts to look dull and older. 

Fighting the effects of pollution on your skin: what should you do?

Firstly, ensure that you carefully cleanse your skin morning and evening, whether you have make-up on or not. The plan: get rid of all the pollutants trapped in the pores of the epidermis. This is an essential step in your beauty routine to get rid of dull skin and bring back your natural radiant glow.  Then, you should protect your skin during the day by using a day cream with a high SPF. It acts as a shield capable of pre-empting and dealing with any damage. Opt for a formula that fights all the signs of premature skin ageing and is packed full of firming, moisturising and regenerating properties. As an added bonus, this type of facial skincare will also help reinforce the skin's protective barrier and prevent the appearance of pigment spots