Perline, for visibly beautiful skin

Stress, fast-paced days, jam-packed weeks ÉOur skin sometimes finds it tricky to keep up. It becomes dull, tired and loses its radiance. How can you restore flawless, younger looking skin that's free of imperfections? Using Perline, of course!

We all want flawless skin!

At 30, acne issues are a thing of the past and we haven't quite got wrinkles yet. At worst, we might notice a slight wrinkling in the corner of our eyes when we smile …

So, it's now or never: perfect skin is effortlessly within our reach. We want skin that's radiant, nourished and even, without redness or blemishes. We want our skin's texture to be firm and even. We want smooth skin, without any roughness or dryness; skin that is healthy, comfortable and doesn't feel tight And, most of all, we want skin that doesn't give away the external aggressors (pollution, tobacco) we're exposed to, our stressful daily life or any signs of tiredness. In short, we want perfect skin from the moment we wake up until we go to sleep! 

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The skincare ritual for women in their thirties

30 = 3 steps to get great skin and keep it that way for as long as possible.

Firstly, you should cleanse your skin, whether you have make-up on or not! In the morning, all you need to sort out a blotchy complexion are two cotton pads soaked in a lotion and a spritz of thermal water to get rid of all the toxins released overnight. In the evening, go for a cleanser with a gel, mousse, milk or oil formula to remove all traces of make-up, as well as pollution, stress and tobacco that have built up throughout the day.

Then, it's time to moisturise: hydrated skin means more radiant, healthier and more comfortable skin. And good hydration also helps to slow down the effects of ageing, so why deprive your skin of it?

Finally, apply specialized skincare enriched with active ingredients that will help maintain this flawless skin: anti-fatigue skincare, a corrective serum or an anti-wrinkle cream …  

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Perline-P to perfect your skin

Perline-P is a plant complex with various different properties that help optimize the quality of your skin: it combines an ability minimise pores (using natural oligosaccharide extract) with soothing ingredients to help control redness (eperua falcata).

Perline-P is therefore a perfecting ingredient: it gets to work on your pores and skin texture, but also helps deal with those first wrinkles. By using skincare enriched with Perline-P every day, you'll notice that your skin texture is smoothed out, your pores are tightened, and you have a more even and radiant complexion. Your skin is left noticeably more beautiful as well as being softer to the touch. Truly flawless skin!

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