Hyaluronic acid, the star ingredient for tear troughs

You know that rather unsightly fold that you've noticed under your eyes? We call that the tear trough and it can be filled using one special ingredient: hyaluronic acid!

Tear troughs, synonymous with looking miserable

Tear troughs can be found between your cheekbones and your nose, under the dark circles. They are small sunken areas of the face where tears flow before rolling down your cheeks. Their name may seem quite poetic, but the effect they give definitely isn't. This fatty area will be the first to sag when your skin starts to lose its elasticity, and this then creates the smile lines sitting just below. This slump in your skin then gives you a 'long face' and a tired appearance which can only be erased when you smile as this seems to bring some volume back... 
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Injections of hyaluronic acid

Although it deepens with age, the tear trough can be filled perfectly using injections of hyaluronic acid: the procedure involves injecting the triangular area where the tear trough is with a filler. The injection is virtually painless, without any bruises or swelling, and the product gradually dissolves over the course of 18 months or so. The effects are immediate: the hyaluronic acid restores shape to the face and, thanks to the “lifting” effect it gives, softens smile lines. It leaves your face looking rested and fresh. The rejuvenating result is pretty amazing and it's all yours without having to go near a single scalpel! 
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Hyaluronic acid in cream form

Creams will never be as good at filling in deeper wrinkles as injections, but they still help to genuinely and visibly reduce the marks of time. However, this is provided that the ‘tear trough' area is dealt with quickly and treated with specially adapted skincare. And hyaluronic acid will fit the bill!

As it is extremely hydrating, it will help soften dry skin, restore elasticity to mature skin and reduce the appearance of these pesky wrinkles.

An effective shield against the effects of skin ageing, hyaluronic acid adds volume to the face for a more targeted impact on deeper wrinkles like tear troughs.

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