How to look gorgeous on waking!

We all want to wake up looking fresh-faced and glowing. Easier said than done, eh? So, what if we told you that you can look fab first thing in the morning, without applying even a hint of makeup? Just read on...

We've all had nights when we've crashed out on a friend's sofa or headed back to our date's place... And woken up to realise our face-saving makeup bag's at home! So how can we wake up to a radiant rather than ruddy complexion? Well, we're here to save the day (or morning!). Just follow our tips and make sure you have these 2 handy items in your bag at all times. If nomakeup fans can do it, then so can we!

Before hitting that sack, follow the golden rule.

No matter what time you crawled in, no matter what sofa, bed or dog basket awaits, make sure you cleanse! Essential Item No.1 for your bag should be a suitable essential oil. Okay, so it may not be your usual daily cleanser, but they're great in emergency situations. Oil removes oil, so this will get rid of even the most stubborn traces of makeup. Plus essential oils leave our skin sweet-smelling and silky-soft. Run a cotton pad under hot water, add a couple of drops of oil and gently massage off your makeup.

Get an early morning glow

Kick-start the day by splashing your face with cold water. It'll wake up your skin and give your circulation a much-need boost. Get back your rosy glow by applying the same oil to your wet face. Massage on 4 or 5 drops to your face, neck and cleavage. It'll leave your cheeks soft and supple, without a greasy shine. The latest generation of oils nourish and soften dry skin, brighten normal skin, close pores on sensitive skin and smoothe mature skin. Plus, they work wonders as a pre-makeup primer! 

Get ready to face your day

Looking a little sallow? Dark circles or open pores? Get back your radiant complexion by applying a BB cream. The Essential Item No.2 that should always be close to hand! These multi-taskers moisturise and soothe our skin, whilst evening out its tone. BB creams cover blemishes, red patches, liver spots and camouflage open pores without clogging them up - flawless complexion guaranteed! Some also contain an SPF! How to apply your BB cream Working out from the centre of your face, smooth on a dollop of a transparent or pink-toned BB cream to moisturise and even out your skin tone. Photoshop in a tube! And there you go, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to face your day