Help, summer's left me with wrinkles!

You've got yourself a gorgeous tan, but with it some not-so-gorgeous wrinkles... Here are our tips for zapping them without a filler in sight.

Found a post-summer crop of wrinkles? Time to dig out some wrinkle-busting active ingredients

Forehead wrinkles, frown lines, laughter lines... They came, they saw, they conquered and now the sun's made them even worse.  To stop them in their tracks and prevent new ones appearing (they're often caused by sun exposure and smoking), opt for treatments that contain suitable active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight, so that it penetrates your skin) and retinol.  Why? To boost collagen production, stimulate fibroblast production, plump up your features, smooth lines/wrinkles and leave you with a uniform skin texture. For added action, apply both a serum and a cream.

Post-summer facial massage to smooth out and get rid of wrinkles

Massaging in treatments boosts their action, so start by applying a couple of drops of serum to each side of your face and one on your neck. Begin with your neck and work upwards using circular movements.  Wait a minute and then apply your cream (without warming it first) and massage it on with your fingertips, again using ascending, circular movements.