Help, I've got vertical lines cropping up under my eyes!

You've recently noticed vertical lines under your eyes... Here are some tips on how to banish these unwelcome visitors.

Vertical lines, a beauty bane that makes us look old and haggard

No matter how well we look after our skin, there's no escaping the passage of time. Vertical lines inevitably appear under our eyes as the deeper layers of our skin begin to sag. They make our eyes look sad and heavy. Vertical lines can change the appearance of our faces, particularly when they show up under our eyes.  Sadly, these lines are the most difficult to shift. But there are plenty of ways we can minimise their appearance! First and foremost, invest in a firming eye contour cream to stop wrinkles from forming furrows.

Choose the right active ingredients.

- Pro-Retinol A regenerates the epidermis and tackles pre-extisting wrinkles,

- fibreastyl is a molecule that protects elastin fibres and firms up the epidermis. 


Massage away vertical lines!

Eye contour skin is extremely fragile and susceptible to damage from pollution and free radicals. It's also a zone where expression lines appear.  Massaging the eye contour zone helps to banish wrinkles, in particularly vertical lines that leave us looking weary. Massage (or a facial workout) is a gentle, sure-fire way to regain a fresh, wide-eyed look. So give your eye contour a twice-weekly massage as you apply your firming cream.