Guilty as charged...The facial cleansing no-no's that we all commit!

Cleansing is non-negotiable if we want to keep our flawless glow. But how and when is another matter - facial cleansing is an art in itself! So here's our little list of beauty tip no-no's to help you get back on track!

Not bothering to cleanse

Cleansing is THE flawless skin Golden Rule! It's the only way we can keep our skin in good nick. It gets rid of make up so that our skin can breathe overnight. And a morning cleanse will remove impurities (for example sebum) that accumulate whilst we sleep. If we don't cleanse, we won't just leave our pillows covered in grime, but also wake up to a dull complexion or (Heaven Forbid) pimples!  

Not choosing the right texture

Oil, lotion, micellar water, cream, gel... It's a jungle out there and we're all guilty of grabbing the nearest product. BIG mistake! We need to choose a cleanser suited to our skin type: milk or lotion for mature skin, oil for normal skin, gel or mousse for oily skin and cream for dry skin. Be gentle when you cleanse - don't rub your skin to death or feel the need to deplete your cotton pad supply. 

Using the same product for our eyes as our face

Eye make up removers can be used on our face, but not the other way round! Facial cleansers aren't always ophthalmologically tested, so you could risk irritating your eyes. So best to invest in a separate eye make up remover.

Forgetting our neck and cleavage

To avoid lines, we all smoothe our foundations/primers/blushers down our neck, sometimes as far as our cleavage. Then, at the end of the day, we forget to remove them. And wonder why our neck and cleavage skin isn't clean and smooth. The skin on our neck and cleavage is really thin and fragile: it needs gentle cleansing followed by a good dose of moisturiser.

Rubbing too hard

Heavy or waterproof make up can be hard to shift - we've all had moments when we've impatiently scrubbed it off. Another BIG mistake! Rubbing our faces harms the epidermis, leaving our skin fragile and sensitive. Cleansing needs a light touch - gently wipe off make up, working out from the centre of your face. Use as many cotton pads as it takes and always stick to the 'centre-out' rule. 

Forget to apply a toner

Leaving our eyes 'til last is a waste of precious time. We end up smearing eye make up over our cheeks, meaning they need a second clean. To make life easier, start with your eyelids and lashes, where waterproof make up can be stubborn, follow with your lips and finish off with the rest of your face.

Forget to apply a toner

If you love waterproof make up, heavier foundations or long-lasting lipsticks, then you're probably using an oil-based cleanser to get rid of any traces. This oil needs to be mopped up and that's where toners come in to play. Added bonus? Toners also leave us with a lovely, healthy glow!