Glycerin, a moisturising superhero

Glycerin is a simple active ingredient that works wonders on our skin. It has the amazing ability to hydrate skin of all types.


Glycerin has become a star ingredient in the cosmetics industry.

It's pretty much everywhere - most facial beauty treatments contain between 3 and 5% of glycerin in their formulae. It's also found in body creams and some shower gels or soaps.So what's the big deal? Firstly, glycerin is a stable active ingredient. Secondly, glycerin is present in our bodies, making it naturally suited to all skin types. Beauty treatments contain a plant-based glycerin, extracted from coconuts, soy bean and so forth.  

Glycerin's rise to fame

The benefit of this molecular powerhouse is easy to explain: the moment glycerin is applied to skin it immediately penetrates all the epidermal layers. Meaning it can deeply rehydrate our skin.So how does it differ from hyaluronic acid? Glycerin is, if you like, a low-tech predecessor of hyaluronic acid.Glycerin was popular during the 90's, but its texture made treatments feel sticky. As a result, laboratories decided it was time to overcome this gooey problem. The result is that nowadays treatments combine glycerin with polymers to provide pleasurable textures that retain their hydrating properties.And just as well - hydrated skin = flawless skin!