Get a brighter complexion in 2 minutes flat

Blotchy skin when you wake up? Dull skin after lunch? Drooping skin at the end of the day? Don't worry: try these two-minute tips for a brighter complexion.
A make-up remover that contains soothing micellar water - which is made up of tiny oil molecules suspended in water - rids the skin of impurities overnight and boosts circulation without drying it out. 

A face scrub that has ingredients in it that are right for your skin type removes toxins (pollution, tobacco, make-up residue and sebum, among others) and allows skin to breathe. 

A mineral or floral mist will soothe and rehydrate: try it after cleansing, after applying make-up to set it, or after sports; instant freshness guaranteed. 

A moisturiser suited to your skin type will always plump up the face. If your skin is dry, fragile or dehydrated, it needs a little hydrating love. # Place ice cubes on your eyes in the morning and later in the day, if needed. They will reduce dark circles and signs of tiredness. 

Use an eye contour treatment for a fresh-faced look; and choose a product with an applicator that has a metal tip, as this will help you achieve a rejuvenating effect. Get a wide-eyed look by gently massaging the eye contour, working from the inner to outer corners of the eye. 

A facial massage boosts circulation and gives a healthy glow. Gently massage, pinch and pat your skin to relax the face muscles and brighten your complexion. But be sure to avoid over-stretching your epidermis. 

Apply a complexion enhancer to the nose, forehead, chin and cheekbones; these are the areas of your face that will reflect light and help give you glowing skin. The effect is immediate and it lasts all day. 

A BB treatment will boost and brighten your complexion. These tinted creams give a bright, even skin tone and add a protective barrier. 

Try some cheek pinching. It’s an old trick, but it still works a treat. Use it to boost your skin’s circulation and give a rosy glow to your cheeks.