Fibroxyl, otherwise known as the firming ingredient

Fibroxyl? This is one of the most recent innovations to help fight the loss of firm skin on your face. Time to investigate this star of the beauty world, capable of stretching out fibroblastse


So, what is Fibroxyl?

A product of green chemistry, Fibroxyl is a vegetable complex extracted from polysaccharides that are rich in sugar and obtained through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis followed by the purification of rye seeds. With its ability to reconstruct the skin, this vegetable complex aims to tighten fibroblasts, the “supporting” cells that are responsible for both collagen and elastin synthesis in particular. Fibroxyl is a cutting-edge ingredient that can help restore firm skin that really needs it. Wrinkled cheeks, a sagging neck, no area can resist it.

Fibroxyl: double firming action for your skin

Thanks to the double action it has on everything going on in our skin, Fibroxyl has been recognised as a safe bet when it comes to firming up your face. Explaining firmness:

- It improves the synthesis of integrins, otherwise known as the small mechanical receptors found in the dermal layer of our skin that start to become sluggish with age. Their role: they help attach the fibroblasts to the collagen fibres.

- Alongside this, Fibroxyl boosts the synthesis of vinculin, a protein which links the integrins and the fibroblasts. This will even work on fibroblasts that have become lazy as a result of growing old and skin ageing. Closely linked to micrometric hyaluronic acid, Fibroxyl will provide 5-star firming action for skin that has started to slacken.