Essential oils for glowing skin

Winter's almost over, but the weather and our skin are both as dull as ditch water. Welcome to tired, haggard, blotchy features... Time to get a head start on spring and dig out our complexion-boosting essential oils!

Lousy weather = lousy complexion

Who hasn't looked in the mirror on a winter morning only to be met with a tired, dull, sallow complexion?

We all tend to blame the gloomy weather. And yes, the cold can harm our skin, making it super-sensitive, tight and dull.

However, stress, smoking, pollution and other external factors have a huge impact on the state of our skin, as it can't properly breathe or repair itself.

The result?

Dead cells that cling to its surface combined with poor circulation leave us looking worn out and pasty. But don't panic or wait for summer - there's plenty we can do to get back our flawless finish!   


The beauty-enhancing power of essential oils

Essential oils are powerful plant extracts. You only need to blend a few drops of an essential oil with your cream, mask or shampoo to clean, soothe and enhance your hair and give you glowing skin. That said, each one has specific molecular properties that target particular problems, so brush up on your essential oil knowledge and don't turn your kitchen into a make-shift chemistry lab! Essential oils are highly concentrated and if misused can do more harm than good. To set you on the right track, rose oil regenerates skin, chamomile is soothing, geranium moisturises, lavender purifies and tea tree oil zaps acne and blackheads.  

Essential oils for a glowing complexion

Essential oils are great if your complexion needs a pick-me-up. Carrot oil, for example, regenerates skin and gives it a natural sun-kissed look. Simply warm up and massage 3 to 4 drops of macerated carrot oil on to your face. And once a week, treat your face to a cistus oil steam. It'll tone up your skin and kick-start your circulation. If you're after a regenerating oil, try rose hydrolat to lighten and brighten your complexion. As for chamomile, it calms and soothes skin left blotchy or chapped by harsh winter weather.