5 face-saving beauty tips for busy women

You forgot to set the alarm, the kids are playing up, there's a last minute emergency... Some mornings are sheer Hell! So here are 5 beauty tips to help you look fabulous in a flash.

A toning wake up call

Apply a toner before your moisturiser. It'll get rid of any sebum produced overnight. And that's not all. Even if we've carefully cleansed the night before, our skin may still have traces of cleanser or soap stuck to its surface. A toner will remove any remaining grime so that your moisturiser can better penetrate your skin. Added plus? It'll also freshen up and stimulate your skin, leaving it silky smooth.  10 seconds and one cotton pad later your face will feel as fresh as a daisy!  

A beauty-boosting BB cream

We all love our BB creams, the multi-taskers that moisturise, protect and unify skin tone. Plus they can be used instead of skin-clogging, cakey, dehydrating foundations. As a make up base, BB creams even out skin tone to leave us with a well-moisturised, natural glow.  With just one dollop your skin will be hydrated and baby-soft.  

A blemish-zapping concealer

Banish signs of tiredness with a concealer! It'll camouflage any lurking bags or dark circles. Apply one that's a tone lighter than your skin - a darker one will only make them worse! Follow with a quick, gentle massage to de-congest puffy, tired eyes. Concealers are also great for disguising minor blemishes... blotches, pimples, age spots etc.  A couple of minutes is all you'll need to get great skin and restore your Bambi eyes!  

A touch of lippy

If don't have the time to 'do your face', just 'do your lips'. A long-lasting, bright lipstick will revive your features. By drawing attention to your mouth, people won't notice if you're looking slightly bleary! You can also blend in a tiny amount on the apple of your cheeks for an instant rosy glow. But go easy - creepy clowns are so not cool!  Stick to one simple twist to perfect your pout and liven up your complexion.  

Dry shampoo for luscious locks

Washing, drying, straightening's out of the question when you're late for the school run or work. Two quick mane-saving solutions? A loose chignon or a spritz of dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are a great way to freshen up dull locks. You can leave the full works for another day - these shampoos can deal with the greasiest of roots! What's more, dry shampoos add volume to fine, limp or dry hair without having to back-comb it to death.  Your bird's nest will be a thing of the past!