10 Million Euros invested in environmental projects supporting women

Because women and girls are the number one victims of climate change, we will invest 10 million euros in environmental projects reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, all supporting women and girls locally.

Jacundá forest conservation, Brazil

Protecting the Amazon rainforest and empowering local communities

In Brazil, we support the protection of 95,000 hectares of native forest to preserve biodiversity and encourage sustainable resource use. In addition to preventing the emission of greenhouse gas and improving the livelihoods of local communities, we are working to provide new opportunities for youth and women, through training programs. Our ambition is to empower women to become employed actors and to hold positions of leadership outside the home.

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Liugui afforestation, China

Community tree planting to convert a wasteland into a thriving forest

Known for its wild landscapes and rich biodiversity, South China’s Karst region is threatened by desertification, in part driven by deforestation. In collaboration with communities, this project aims to plant native trees, sequester C02 from the atmosphere and promote sustainable development. Local people and particularly women, are offered new employment and training opportunities. Among full time employees, 65% are women.

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Next-generation farming, Belgium and France

Healthy soils, rich biodiversity, profitable farms

Through an innovative partnership between farmers and agronomists, this project helps transform farming practices across France and Belgium. More than 1,600 farmers are engaged. New regenerative techniques will produce nutritious food, preserve air quality and biodiversity while improving farm profitability.

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Kariba forest protection, Zimbabwe

Saving forests, protecting wildlife and changing lives

Launched in 2011, this ambitious African project has prevented the emission of more than 3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, by preventing deforestation and land degradation on nearly 785,000 hectares. Livestock and community garden are also helping to improve the livelihoods of local communities. As one of 70 projects to be verified under the Additional Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards, Kariba supports local people by providing access to health, education and training programs. Special attention is given to the situation of women. 50,000 women have had their livelihoods improved, 53,000 have benefited from access to better health services and 13,000 women have entered our education program.  Efforts will continue in the coming years to enable more women to join the initiative.

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Small forests big potential, USA

Strengthening the livelihood of family forest owners through carbon sequestration

This pioneering project supports smallholding forest owners, who previously did not have access to the tools, information and funding to sustainably manage their woodlands. Landowners are now empowered through the project to implement sustainable practices on their parcel of land, creating big climate impacts at the landscape level by tapping into the full potential of carbon sequestration on their land.

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Muskitia blue carbon, Honduras

Protecting unique mangrove forests and empowering local Indigenous communities

By area, mangroves can store up to four times more carbon than terrestrial forests. However, 30-50% of the world's mangroves are already gone. As the first of its kind in Honduras, this pioneering blue carbon project protects nearly 5,000 ha of mangroves and over 280,000 ha of coniferous and broadleaf forests from deforestation.

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In parallel, this mission aims to empower women through various means, such as
- training programs,
- certification courses for young people and women entrepreneurs,
- restoration of cocoa crops (an activity mainly developed by women) damaged by hurricanes,
- promotion and defense of women’s and children’s rights.

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