Enriched with volcano mineral extracts, the foam is effective in deeply purifying pores, anti-whitehead and anti sebum. The special red earth texture contains anti-bacteria active, which turns into white foam after mixing with water. ADSTM Active Defense System, a powerful soothing active ingredient that helps to reinforce skin's natural resistance against daily aggressions.

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pure matte volcano red foam 100ml

清爽控油火山礦物淨膚潔面乳 ( 適合油性至混合性皮膚 )

深層淨化毛孔,抗粉刺,抗油光 火山紅岩礦物成分, 從根源清除油脂污垢,深層淨化毛孔,全面平滑肌膚及對抗粉刺,踢走瑕疵痘印。 紅泥質地含抗菌成份,加水能揉搓出白色泡沫。 ADSTM Active Defense System活性成分增強皮膚的自身防護能力,抵禦外來侵擾。

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