Filler [HA] Eye Cream for Face

  • 30 ML
Product details
One Touch of Youth, Instantly Reduces 9 Major Wrinkles**

One Touch of Youth, Instantly Reduces 9 Major Wrinkles**

A research-grade, highly efficient formula that combines 2 highly effective anti-wrinkle and firming ingredients - Pro-Xylane PRO^ and triple hyaluronic acid^^. Clinically proven to precisely target 9 major wrinkle lines**, rapidly reducing wrinkles in just 4 weeks**.

L'OREAL PARiS HK No.1 Line Correction Cream***, the best-selling line correction product that has been proven to smooth out 9 major wrinkles from the eyes to the face and neck, achieving an immediate 46% reduction in wrinkles.

Significantly enhanced effectiveness with 2 flagship anti-wrinkle ingredients

[Pro-Xylane PRO^]
Years of scientific research have led to the inclusion of the new generation Pro-Xylane PRO^, with doubled purity and concentration^, helping to improve skin plumpness and smooth out fine lines on the entire face.

[Triple Hyaluronic Acid^^]
High molecular HA helps to form a moisture-locking film on skin surface. Small HA penetrates into skin epidermis. Micro HA, with unique molecular structure for its lastingness in skin.

*Clinical grading, 42 Asian women, immediate result.
**Clinical grading, 42 Asian women, after 4 weeks. 9 types of wrinkles refers to Crow’s feet, Underneath eye, Forehead, Glabellar, Inter-ocular, Small folds on nasolabial zone, Nasolabial folds, Around mouth, and Neck wrinkles

^Pro-Xylane PRO refers to raw material containing [HYDROXYPROPYL TETRAHYDROPYRANTRIOL, WATER, PROPYLENE GLYCOL]; Pro-Xylane refers to name of the active [HYDROXYPROPYL TETRAHYDROPYRANTRIOL].
Comparing with the raw material used in the previous generation of REVITALIFT FILLER[HA] EYE CREAM FOR FACE, the new Pro-Xylane PRO raw material used in the new generation contains 2X Pro-Xylane [hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyranol] content.
^^High/micro-molecular [Hyaluronic Acid] refers to acetylated sodium hyaluronate of different molecular weights. Small molecular [Hyaluronic Acid] refers to sodium hyaluronate
***Based on L’OREAL PARiS Hong Kong internal sales data on eye cream and face cream from Jul 2022 – Jul 2023
Apply REVITALIFT Filler [HA] Eye Cream for Face every morning and night on cleansed face and neck after cleansing & serum. Gently massage till absorption.

Step 1: Apply Filler [HA] Eye Cream for Face on full face & neck.
Step 2: Gently massage with fingertips in circular & lifting motion.
Step 3: Can apply one more layer of Filler [HA] Eye Cream for Face on fine line areas.
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