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  • Is L’Oréal Paris product packaging recyclable?

    Look for the recycling codes and chasing arrow symbol on the bottom of the bottles to know for sure. Check with your municipality if you have any additional questions regarding recycling policies in your area.

  • Where can I buy L’Oréal Paris products?

    L’Oréal Paris offers a full line of products at mass market retailers, drugstores and supermarkets nationwide online & offline including Mannings, Watsons, Sasa, L’Oréal Paris boutique & HKTVMall.

  • Where can I find information about your products?

    L’Oréal Paris provides extensive product information both in our product packaging and on our website.

  • Where can I find a discontinued product?

    If a product has been discontinued, it will no longer be available. L’Oréal Paris regularly introduces new products, so you are sure to find other items that you will like. For more information about L’Oréal Paris products and beauty solutions, visit our website at www.loreal-paris.com.hk.

  • What is the PH of your products?

    All products of L’Oréal have undergone vigorous safety and efficacy assessment before putting on market. The pH of any given L’Oréal Paris product is not a measure of its effectiveness. Instead, the combination of special formulas and technology are what actually provide your results.

  • How to determine whether the product is suitable for my skin ?

    Consumers’ safety has always been an absolute priority for L’Oréal .
    All products of L’Oréal have undergone vigorous safety and efficacy assessment if used as directed before putting on market.
    The complete list of ingredients on the package of a product allows consumers who already know they are sensitized or allergic to a specific ingredient to choose products that do not contain it. In case of doubt about your condition or skin sensitivity, discuss your with your doctor and follow his or her medical advice regarding product usage.
    In case of hair dye products , we recommend consumers to conduct an allergy alert test 48 hours before each time you color even you have already used coloring products before. Please follow instructions attached in packaging.

  • Skin care

  • How are Age Perfect products different from other skincare products?

    The Age Perfect formula increases skin resilience by minimizing age spots and deeply hydrating your skin with innovative Dermo-Peptide technology. L’Oréal Paris Dermo-Peptide complex accelerates cell turnover and reinforces the firmness of the skin. To learn more about L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect products, see the Age Perfect webpage.

  • How do I use Age Perfect products?

    Application instructions for all of our products are included in the product packaging.

  • How do I use Men Expert products?

    Application instructions for all of our products are included in the product

  • How are Men Expert products different from other skincare products?

    Men Expert products are designed with technology specifically formulated for men’s skincare needs. To learn more about the benefits of Men Expert products, visit the Men Expert webpage.

  • Is there a special Age Perfect skincare regimen?

    L’Oréal Paris recommends using Age Perfect NECTAR ROYAL Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream.

  • How do exfoliants help with skin care?

    Exfoliating regularly helps your skin shine and gently removes the dead skin blocking your pores. This makes your skin look finer. As we age, our skin's natural exfoliating process slows. Using products containing micro-granules (physical exfoliation) or AHA or BHA (chemical exfoliation) helps the skin get rid of keratin.

  • Does using anti-aging cream designed for mature skin while you're young prevent wrinkles?

    No. We should use products designed specifically for our skin's different needs at different stages of our life. This also means that we need to switch products depending on the weather. For example, in the winter we should use products that are more moisturizing. When we use anti-wrinkle creams designed for mature skin when we're young, we might over-moisturize our skin or cause our pores to clog. So we should avoid that practice.

  • Should I use sunscreen every day?

    We all come in contact with UVA and UVB all year long, and these ultraviolet rays accelerate the aging of the skin. So we do recommend using sunscreen every day, whether in hot, dry weather or in the winter.

  • Should I use moisturizer every day?

    That's a good habit as well. Take good care of our skin by applying suitable skincare products after bath/shower and washing your face.

  • Why is it important to use specialized eye creams?

    The skin around our eyes is very fine and fragile. It's thinner than our other facial skin. And it contains less natural oils. All this makes it more susceptible to signs of aging. Specially formulated eye creams helps target the various problem happens near eye contour area.

  • Makeup

  • How can I keep lipstick from getting on my teeth?

    After applying lip colour, gently purse lips on a piece of tissue. The colour on the inner part of your lips will come off, keeping your teeth lipstick-free.

  • How do I use lip colour to perfect my lip shape?

    When used strategically, lip colour, lip liner and lip gloss can work wonders to provide the illusion of a perfect pout. Follow these tips to get your desired effect: To downplay full lips: select a neutral shade with a semi-matte or matte finish (shine adds emphasis to lips!). Use a lip liner shade that matches your lip colour and line lips just inside your natural lip line. Fill in lips with your selected lip colour. To play up thin lips: use a lip liner in a neutral shade and trace along the outer edge of your natural lip line. Fill in lips using a lip colour in a medium or light shade (dark colours can make thin lips appear smaller), blending the lip colour into the lip liner line you’ve just drawn. Apply a shimmery gloss to the centre of your bottom lip to make lips appear fuller.

  • What is the best way to apply liquid foundation?

    First, dot foundation onto your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. Using your fingers or a makeup sponge, blend foundation out towards the hairline and then down in a fluid motion. For a professional looking application, use a foundation brush to blend foundation. To set your foundation and prolong wear, finish your look by dusting a translucent powder such as on top of your foundation.

  • What is the best way to apply mascara?

    To apply mascara, place your finger about mid-lid or on your eyebrow and pull up in order to hold the lid taut. Holding the wand horizontally, sweep on mascara from roots to ends.
    Apply only to lash tips at first. Wiggle the wand slightly from side to side along the lashes to distribute mascara evenly.
    In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water.

  • How do I choose the right shade of foundation or powder for my skin tone?

    Start by finding your skin’s undertone: skin tones with a touch of pink are cool toned, olive skin with a touch of yellow tones are warm and skin tones between pink and yellow tones are neutral.L’Oréal Paris Recommendation: True Match foundation is divided into warm, neutral and cool shades. Choose three shades of foundation that seem closest to your natural skin colour. Swatch them against your jaw - the one that seamlessly blends in is the perfect shade for you. Artist tip: Look at the skin tone along your jawline - that way you will select a foundation that is close to both your face and neck colour.

  • How do I contour my features?

    Start by applying your favourite foundation and powder. Next, pick a powder one to two shades darker than your skin. Apply this shade along the natural shadows of your face, including underneath the line of the cheekbones, the side of the nose and at the temples. To avoid an obvious 'striped' effect, work with small amounts of powder, layering gradually and stopping to check the effect in natural light.

  • How do I make my eyes appear bigger?

    1. Strategic Shadow - Emphasize the depth of your eyes by applying a mid-to-dark tone on the crease and a light, champagne shade on the high points of the eye (brow bone, mid-lid, inner eye corner).
    2. Colour with Care - To make eyes appear bigger, try neutral shades of champagne, beige and deep browns that blend well with your skin tone.
    3. Walk the Line - Make eyes appear deeper and more prominent with liner - apply liner as close to the lash line as possible - almost between lashes - to avoid an obvious line (Be aware not to cause contact to eye ball. In case of contact, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water) . Avoid dark liner on the lower lashes, and instead use a highlighter shade to open up the eyes.
    4. Top to Bottom - Mascara is a must for lifting lashes and making eyes look bigger - but don’t forget bottom lashes! Holding the wand vertically (parallel to the lower lashes) lightly emphasize your lower frint.

  • How do I prevent makeup melt down?

    Start by using Infallible Lasting Primer, then choose a longwearing foundation with mattifying properties. L’Oréal Paris recommendation. Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. Blend foundation onto the face, and then choose a mattifying powder such as Infallible Ultra-Thin Mattifying Powder. Buff onto the skin, focusing on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, where skin is oiliest.

  • Hair colour

  • After colouring my hair, there was no change in my haircolour. What happened?

    There may be various reasons for why your colour does not show. For example, uou may have chosen a colour that is very close to your natural colour. For a lighter colour, a two step process might be required.

  • How to color my hair?

    L’Oreal Paris recommendation: Excellence Crème offers the optimal grey coverage. Be sure to apply to the resistant grey first; this will allow the product to sit on the grey for a longer period of time. Some products recommend extra timing on grey hair; leave it on for the maximum recommended processing time. Shade selection is important; some shades offer better coverage than others. Warm tones such as neutral shades are ideal for grey coverage. Cool shades such as ash or pearl tend to make the hair look dull and greyer. Avoid very, extra or ultra light blonde shades as their focus is on lightening and not on colour deposit which is essential for grey coverage. Deeper shades will provide better grey coverage than lighter ones. Keep away from very intense shades; these tend to appear much too vibrant and artificial looking on the grey.

  • After colouring my hair, it looks washed out or faded. What happened and how do I correct my colour?

    Many things including repeated shampoos, exposure to sun, pollution and frequent styling can all cause colour to fade. When colour has already faded, you will need to recolour. To achieve the most perfect touch up to your colour, be sure to choose the L’Oréal Paris haircolour that you used previously. After colouring, do not wash hair for a few days to avoid stripping your colour.

  • How long should I wait to colour my permed hair?

    For best results, wait at least 2 weeks after perming your hair before applying colour.

  • How long should I wait to shampoo my hair after colouring?

    After you colour your hair, it’s best to wait a few days before you shampoo it, unless the directions state otherwise. This will help set the colour. After colouring, rinse your hair with cool water until the water runs clear and choose hair care products that can help protect hair color.

  • How long does it take for L’Oréal Paris haircolour to process?

    Detailed timing instructions and tips for all of our products are included in the product packaging and on our website.

  • How do I apply L’Oréal Paris haircolour?

    L’Oréal Paris provides detailed application instructions for all of our products within the product packaging and on our website.

  • How do I touch up my colour with L’Oréal Paris haircolour?

    Application instructions for all of our products are included in the product packaging and on our website. Generally, for a touch-up application, colour should be applied to your newly grown hair first. For a flawless colour match, use the same L’Oréal Paris product and shade you used previously.

  • How will I know the results of L’Oréal Paris haircolour on my natural haircolour?

    The end result of colouring your hair is determined by a combination of your starting colour, the condition of your hair, the texture of your hair, any previous treatments (perm, straightener, etc.) and the colour you are adding. Your colour may not turn out exactly like the model’s on the box because you may have had a different starting point. Get an initial idea from the haircolour packages, swatches and virtual try-on on L’Oréal Paris page. Always be sure however, to read the information on the box to understand the predicted results. For a more accurate preview of the haircolour on your hair, do a strand test by colouring a small section of hair as described in the instruction leaflet.

  • Can L’Oréal Paris haircolour be used over another colour?

    Yes. L’Oréal Paris haircolour is compatible with most products. L’Oréal Paris haircolour is NOT compatible with compound hennas, metallic dyes, progressive colour or colour restorers.
    Yet, please do not mix hair color from different brands.

  • After colouring my hair, it is too dark. What happened and how do I correct my colour?

    Different reasons may explain why the result is too dark. 1) You may have chosen a shade that’s too dark. Over time, as you shampoo your hair, the colour will gradually fade and become lighter. If you want to recolour your hair, you should wait until the colour has faded significantly before you colour again. Otherwise, you may get a result that’s even darker, even if you use a lighter shade. 2) Hair that is continuously treated with colour and/or permanent waves can become porous. Excessive absorption may result, producing more intense colour. Keep in mind that your colour will lighten gradually as you shampoo your hair. For this, select a shampoo that is not specifically formulated to preserve colour. If the colour fades successfully, you can select a shade that is one level lighter the following month. Should you wish to lighten drastically; a colour removal will be required to prepare the hair to receive the lighter shade.

  • If my hair is very long, is one box of colorant enough?

    If your hair is very thick or past your shoulders, we would recommend 2 boxes or more to ensure your hair gets fully saturatedF.