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  • Who Are We ?

    Present in more than 120 countries, L'Oréal Paris grew from one philosophy: to innovate and offer top performing products at great prices to the greatest number of consumers possible. A philosophy which stems from the research carried out in our laboratories and our will to make professional expertise accessible. Through our continued pursuit of excellence, L'Oréal Paris is sculpting the future of beauty. Thanks to our engagement and genuine value for respect and closeness between women and men of the world, we have been able to become a global leader in the world of beauty trends. Diversity Icons of the arts, fashion and beauty, our spokespeople are passionate and talented individuals. These women and men of all ages, looks and origins are sources of inspiration for our generation thanks to their vision, engagement and talent. A better world Enlisted to make a positive contribution to the world with the help of L'Oréal Paris, our spokespeople support research and humanitarian causes. Internationally acclaimed, they are the ambassadors of our research into a better world and the well-being of women and men across the globe. Self-confidence The philosophy of L'Oréal Paris is one that, whatever your age, gender, ethnicity or look, ""you're worth it"". The brand aims to accompany women and men world-over as they go about their daily lives. L'Oréal Paris defends the right to beauty; the right to all types of beauty; the right for each of us to grow old with grace and self-assurance.

  • What do we do ?

    L'Oréal Paris provides accessible luxury for all those who demand excellence in beauty. An approach grounded in science and superior quality products. At the forefront of innovation in science, our teams of researchers use the latest technological discoveries to develop unique and visionary products that are, above all, easy to understand and use: our mission is make these scientific innovations accessible to all. As a leader in beauty, we aim to build the largest range of products, meeting the needs of the rich and diverse world in which we live. The luxurious packaging of our products, the impeccable quality standards in our factories and our innovations at point of sale carry our vision of beauty and excellence to all. Expertise Our team of experts, artists, producers and photographers, capture the essence of our spokespeople and our products, and highlight the authenticity of our brand. Art and culture Our long-term partnership with the Cannes Film Festival, the most prestigious in the world, and our participation in fashion shows reflect our passion for creativity and culture. L'Oréal Paris offers women and men of the whole world the opportunity to improve their well-being and self-esteem. Together, we make a difference by offering everyone the right to beauty.

  • Partnerships

    Cannes Film Festival 10 years of passion for the beauty encapsulated in the magic of cinema L'Oréal Paris celebrates 10 years' partnership with the Cannes Film Festival this year. This partnership was born from a true passion for cinema and out of a respect for the creativity central to L'Oréal's values. At the last festival, our team of 25 professional make-up artists created 1400 looks for 600 personalities!