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Hair Oils and Hair type

Hair Oils and Hair type

Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all dry hair types. It helps bring shine and conditions hair, for hair that feels soft without weighing down or making it feel greasy.

Keratin is the main protein found in the hair, and helps define its shape and strength. Lipids are important for the hair structure cohesion. They play a key role in the formation of the intracellular cement and the extremely fine Flayer that lies directly on the fiber surface. The sebum forms an additional layer of lipids; it protects the fiber by coating it and forms a constantly renewed waterproof film on its surface. It also contributes to making hair feel soft, shiny, and glossy. However, even the slightest variation in hair composition can have a major impact on its strength and appearance, which might not be immediately noticeable. Shampoos help remove the everyday dirt and sebum that accumulate on hair’s surface. Pollution, chemical treatments, or just regular brushing are all daily aggressions that contribute to the wear and tear of hair. To preserve fibers’ natural protection, whatever the hair type, it is necessary to strengthen the lipid barrier to protect against aggressions and damage while boosting softness, shine, and gloss.

Whatever the type (greasy, dry, etc.) or origin (Asian, European, Indian, etc.), hair is essentially composed by the same components, proteins and lipids, which are produced by the pilosebaceous unit.

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