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LOREAL PARIS revitalift-filler-ampoule-in-cream

Revitalift Filler Ampoule in Cream

Similar to an ampoule that seals the freshness of formula, helps reduce finelines and brings back plump and water radiance on full face. Skin feels hydrated, soft and smooth. With innovative vacuum space capsule design, it prevents pollutants and preserves freshness of the formula.

$345.00 MSRP




With high purity of Triple Hyaluronic Acid &
Pro-xylane, the formula helps reduce fine lines and brings back plum and water radiance on full face.

Macromolecule HA helps lock in moisture, small molecule HA to penetrate deeper into skin, and unique acetylated molecule structure allows hyaluronic acid to stay longer and helps smoothen fine lines.

Pro-xylane helps firm skin, revive skin plumpness and reduce fine lines.

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