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1 Day Spray

Spray-on direct hair dyes for instant temporary colour.

1 Day Spray Blue
$79.00 MSRP


Colorista 1-Day Spray works immediately as a temporary hair colour spray for instant, ultra-vibrant colour.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista spray-on pigments instantly colour your hair, so you can wear hair colour without the commitment.

The Colorista Spray 1-Day Colour range are direct dyes in an ultra-light micro powder form that spray on, stay on all day, and last until washed out.

At the end of the day, wash out with a L'Oréal Paris cleansing shampoo to ensure hair is fully rinsed.

Colorista Spray is available in 6 different shades convenient for all hair colours and types.


Apply 15cm away from hair.

Spray longer for more intensity

For a mermaid look, spray different colours on seperate strands.

*Do not spray product in your eyes.


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